Simpson St. Fort Unifaco President and Founder

Born and raised in Haiti for the first 17 years of his life, He has been a U.S. Air Force 20-year veteran, a holder of a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Management and a resident of Denver, Colorado. He has always had a special love for his country of origin and its children close to his heart. While in the United States Armed Forces he has been part of many humanitarian missions such as the Haitian refugee crisis in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After the devastating earthquake in January 12, 2010. Simpson volunteered with the American Red Cross and was assigned on board of the U.S. NAVY Hospital Ship Comfort on the coast of Haiti. Simpson was struck by the suffering and the resilience of the people and his love of Haiti was deepened. Read more




                                                                      Carole Vincent Jacob Unifaco Treasurer and Co-Founder

  Born and raised in Haiti, and currently residing in New Jersey, she's the first child from a family of 5, her caring ability has been evident in the way she took care of her siblings and her three children. Carole is a true believer in the word of God "The Bible" Wherever She goes, she always brings a Happy Spirit and a contagious smile. Although she has been living in United States of America for a while, often she goes back to visit her native country where she had a happy an enjoyable childhood. As the years went by, she observed that the values she grew up knowing were slowly slipping away and everything took a turn for the worst; especially poverty and the lack there off in many communities in Haiti. Her love and compassion for Haiti lead her to believe that some changes had to be done, and they must come from within. Read more 



                                                                                        Rhode Milfort Duroseau Unifaco Co-Founder

rhodeBorn and raised in Haiti, currently residing in Pennsylvania. As the daughter of a pastor, at an early age she was already engaged in humanitarian activities with her parents. She was very active in her father’s church with children activities such as (Sunday school, children choir, sport, cooking etc.) While she was leaving in Chicago most of her trips to Haiti usually had a missionary purpose. She has volunteered for what was needed and what she was able to provide. Whether it was screening for health, dental, vision and food distribution or what have you within the organization. Read more