Hurricane Harvey one of the worst of its kind, recently hit Texas and Louisiana.  Unfortunately, this natural disaster has taken many unnecessary lives, destroyed many infrastructures, and rendered the day to day activities in that region unbearable.

 Let us all come together and collectively join our efforts, to provide emergency reliefs to those affected. 

Unifaco, Inc, a transparent nonprofit organization 501 (C) (3) EIN # 46-4235290 is requesting your assistance with a humble heart to provide some of the necessities of life that suddenly Tropical Storm Harvey have taken away from our affected fellow Americans.

Let us do our best and help them quickly get back on their feet, minimize their lost and return their families and communities’ status to a better, stronger, more sustainable and a better prepared one…

We value the relationship with “YOU” our partners

Gratefully yours,

Unifaco, Inc. Staff

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President tel: (720) 517-5463

Vice President tel: (402) 208-8074