After Hurricane Matthew, has taken many unnecessary lives in Haiti, and destroyed their almost nonexistent infrastructures, and brought the country back to a stone age status. Unifaco, Inc. has sprung into action by contacting some of our friends and supporters to assist us in doing fund raising for basic life survival necessities, and by taking other initiative to help Haiti recover. Many friends and organizations such as Homewell Health Care Agency from Hackensack, NJ and Bayada Health Care from Clifton, NJ etc. help us out and as a matter of fact, before the reopening of school year 2017 – 2018, Homewell Agency conducted a collection of school supplies on behalf of Unifaco; We’re very grateful for their countless volunteering hours, their unselfishness partnership, their generous assistance etc. We would like to properly acknowledge them.




About two years ago, May Trucking Company donated a few used refrigeration units to Unifaco, Inc.  The leaders were hoping to ship the units to Haiti and used them to make cold rooms to fight food poisoning while keeping the refrigerated items cold.  However, due to the cost for customs, logistic, and storage of these items, it made more sense to sale them and allocated the fund to a different project. In addition to the assistance received from our donors, our treasurer miss Carole Jacob used her own personal funds to ship the collected items, took a week of unpaid leave from work and went to distribute the collected items in Haiti.  Joined by volunteers and some of Unifaco’s Haiti members Ms. Carole repackaged collected items to individual’s container prior to distribute them.  The distribution took place in many different regions in Haiti i.e., Port-au-Prince, Jeremie, Jacmel, and Fond des blancs. Being on a skeleton budget, the trip didn’t go entirely smooth without any problems.  We faced few transportation problems, manpower, logistic and other unforeseen situations.  The first car we rented broke down in the middle of nowhere, the second one got involve in a small accident, the roads were unforgiving etc., However, God told us that He will never forsake us nor leave us.  Therefore, we would like to acknowledge and recognized some of the individuals God sent to help us in Haiti.  Mr. Stanley, our fearless driver, Mr. and Mrs. Lifranc Luma, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Philippe, Mr. Pierre Baptiste Ricot, Mr. Elson Lindor, Miss. Bernadine Pierre, Mr. Emmanuel Charles etc.


Arriving in “Fond des blancs” at the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation (SBHF) a healthcare facility where our website designer Mr. Carlos Philippe and his wife Wilda Philippe found relief after they desperately looked for help from many other healthcare facilities in Haiti which turned them down and sent them away because they charged an exorbitant amount of money which the couple didn’t have to save the lives of the twins they were expecting. Although it was kind of late when they arrived at SBHF, through the superb care and phenomenal compassion, at SBHF, the staff managed to save one of the twin boys.

The warm welcome displayed by Mr.Bill Gimson and his staff during Unifaco visit at their healthcare was evident that they run a top-notch healthcare facility that is second to none. We were so grateful for their service.


We are trying our best to provide relief efforts to those regions affected by our most recent hurricanes, we are still facing some major challenges to provide the assistance to where it is needed in a timely manner. We are hoping for more donors to join Unifaco, Inc, a transparent, tax exempted nonprofit organization 501 (C) (3) that aims to provide the necessities of life to all affected Haitians or others and to help them rebuild their lives, render their families and their communities stronger and sustainable…

Gratefully yours,

Unifaco, Inc. Staff